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Campaign information from Greater Nottinghamshire Transport Partnership

I have copied below the campaign material from the Think! Cycling Campaign. Further information can be found at

Jaki Lowe
East Midlands Regional Councillor

THINK! cycling campaign: Autumn 2013
The THINK! campaign is due to launch it’s first paidfor media campaign targeting drivers and cyclist with cycle safety messages.
Working in partnership with Transport for London (TFL), THINK! are using TFL’s successful ‘tips’ campaign and extending it to run in five cities across England where cyclist KSIs are highest (outside of London):
Manchester Birmingham Bristol
TFL is currently running the campaign in London until the end of October. Part of their messaging will focus around HGVs as a high proportion of cyclist deaths in London are caused by collisions with goods vehicles. More information can be found on the TFL website.
Campaign activity
The campaign will consist of “outdoor” advertising running in roadside locations. Outdoor media has been chosen as it enables us to reach and remind drivers and cyclists at the point of action and when behaviour is more likely to be positively influenced (i.e. when they are driving or cycling).
In addition to the advertising, the DfT press office will be working to launch the campaign with the media to generate some associated press coverage that will communicate key campaign messages.
The campaign will launch on the 21st October and will run for 4 weeks; coinciding with the end of British summertime and the clocks going back.
Key messages
The campaign consists of a series of tips, developed to be evenhanded and balanced in their approach and to educate both drivers and cyclists about the correct way to drive and ride, and reduce the number of collisions on the road.
We are using the following tips for this campaign:
  •   Drivers, look out (for cyclists) when getting out
  •   Cyclists, ride a door’s width from parked cars
  •   Drivers, look out for cyclists at junctions
  •   Cyclists, ride central on narrow roads
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Campaign creative
Please support the campaign in any way you can; we will be tweeting about our activity @thinkgovuk and would be grateful for any retweets.
For more information, visit the THINK! website

If you would like any more information about the campaign, please email the THINK! team

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