Sunday, 23 January 2011

Councillor's Viewpoint January 2011

Charitable Status

The recent poll called for by some members resulted in 75% of the membership indicating that they supported the proposal for charitable status. Whilst this is a substantial majority, it is only just the 75% of votes required for a change to the Memorandum and Articles of Association (which will be required before we can become a charity). Council is also concerned that 25% of the membership voting against is a substantial proportion and wishes to address the concerns of those opposing the change.

No final decision has yet been made as to whether a proposal will be put to the AGM in May and the matter may be put to a special general meeting or the 2012 AGM.

New Chairman

David Robinson has stepped down from the Chair as he is intending to stand as a candidate for his county council in the spring elections. Council thanked him for his quiet and efficient work for the CTC during a difficult period.

David Cox has been elected as the new Chair. He aims to give priority to governance and finance, the quality of our services to members  and the way Council works and its culture.

His ambition for the CTC is to see it fulfil its potential in supporting cycling in all its forms and for all sections of the population who want to get on a bike and ride.

Other changes in Personnel

Martin Cockersole has been appointed as Vice-Chair.

Greg Price (London) and Sarah Matthews (a co-optee) have resigned from Council due to pressure of work.

Peter Jackson, who will retire shortly, handed over to Carol McKinley as Operations Director on 24 January 2011.

CTC Budget 2010/11

Unfortunately projections show a deficit of c.£100K arising from:
  • £30K increase in the insurance premiums;
  • £33K depreciation for the new website;
  • £30K allocated for payments to member groups.
The Council policy is to work towards a balanced budget so the Directors have been instructed to restructure National Office to achieve this. 

Strategic Plan Review

The current strategic plan expires in 2012 and can be found at . Due to the rapid changes in government policy Council have decided to extend the current plan for a year while the changes in the external environment are assessed.

With the government cutting back severely on public expenditure it is anticipated that most of the current contracts that the CTC has will not be renewed. This may involve the loss of the staff associated with these contracts and the contribution to overheads that comes from these contracts.  However, there may be new opportunities for the CTC in the government's ambitions relating to active travel. The new plan will have to take these realities into account.

If any members have any views as to the priorities that should be incorporated in the new plan please let me know ( and I will try and ensure that they are taken into account.

Groups funding 2010-11

A new interim formula for group funding has been agreed.

Each member group will be automatically entitled to £50 or 1% of the adult subscription for each registered member (37p for each member). Groups can also request special grants for approval subject to the availability of the remaining budget. Council is keen to support new groups and new audiences for the CTC.

Council is aware that the current arrangements for groups are in need of revision, and in particular the issue of membership allocation and lists. A working party is being set up to come up with recommendations as to the way forward.


Moving to a new website is proving more problematic than originally anticipated.The contractor building the site had problems with an employee who failed to build it to specification and had to start again.

It has now reached the testing stage. Next begins the major task of uploading content, something that will take up a lot of staff time for a period. It is hoped that the new site will be live before the AGM in May.


Membership in the East Midlands increased by 110 to 4,308 (+ 2.5%) as at January 2011. The national membership increased by 4,495 to 66,642 (+ 6.7%).

Volunteer and Voluntary Group of the Year

National Office is seeking nominations for this year's awards. If you can think of an appropriate person or group please send in a nomination form. You can download the nomination form from the CTC website or call the CTC helpline on 0844 736 8450.

Publication of Council Minutes

I put forward a paper to the Management Committee on the procedures for the publication of Council (and sub committee) non-confidential papers and minutes. After some amendments these were accepted and Council agreed that the new arrangements could be put into place at the last meeting. 

Such papers will only be published after they have gone before Council and been approved.  The first ones should appear on the website in the Spring.

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